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Saturday, August 28, 2010

27 August 2010, Convocation !

achieved another milestone in my life. And it's such a nice coincidence that it happenwd to be also my lunar birthday on Convocation Day!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

something sweet

Bought this jar of handmade sweets from a shop called Sticky at The Central.

Love all the colourful handmade sweets that are available, however I like this jar the most not only because of the colourful combination...

See the words "I Love Singapore"?

This proves how patriotic I can be. :P

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Last Day @ N*H

Todsy marks the last working day at N*H ( can't type the full name out as I know the corp comm depart were monitoring any posts on the hospital), even though my last official working day was 14 Feb 2009. As I had cheekily told some "我故意在情人节跟老板分手。”。

That statement was a retort to what my boss used to call us "我的女人”,as all his subordinates are females.


看到有些人升职后,'EGO' 也越来越大。


Actualy, boss knew all along that I will not be working for long, as I had stated clearly during the interview that I planned to take a part time degree course and naturally I will resign after I had completed my 1.5 yrs course. Just that none of have had foresee then that i will quit before my course ends.

After my 1st sem into the course, the more I feel I should get a job which is related to my studies, so that I can better relate in both ways.

As luck have it, the "relocation curse" strikes again. A few months after my boss asked me to shift my workstation fom the front of the office to the newly furbished one behind him, I got a job offer. Looking back at my prev working experiences, evert time I had shifted my work station, I would receive a job offer within a few months later and resigned.

And refering to this old blog post of those organisation I have worked for (, all the corporate colours of their logos are mainly blue as shown below.

Too much of a coincidence right? And as for the next organisation I will be working from next Monday, blue is also the major colour featured in its logo!

Anyway, I will be keeping in touch with the friends I had made , and since my new office is rather near to theirs, I know we will still be meeting up regularly and secretly for lunch. Just that I can't be the "weather broadcaster" for some anymore.

All the best to my friends and to myself too (for the new job).

will post some pics at a later date

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Melty Kisses 2008

Xmas is...

The season for Melty Kisses.
Have actually bought these a few weeks ago,
For this year, the flavours available are Rum, Strawberry and Creamy Chocolate.
Readlly like the box of Rum Chocolates as they are packaged in my favourite shade of purple color!

Am actually draftng this post on the bus journey home now as I am using an eee PC with mobile broadband function.

Yes, it's a Xmas present for myself, using my bonus. Was deciding whether to get an LG Renior HSDPA mobile phone and sign up for mobile broadband service or get an ASUS eee PC at a special price with a 24 month Data Plan contract with Singtel Mobile Broadband. If not for the reconomy slowdown and we received a lesser bonus payout than last year, I might have consider buying both. However, really have to be careful with my spending as I need to save up for my studies too.

Well, at least i am contented that I still receive my 13th month AWS and an additional variable bonus payout.

It's the same case for my exams results. Was actually quite dissappointed that I did not score well for the paper which I was most confident in. However after seeing the number of students who had failed that subject and another tough module, i guess I should be thankful I managed to clear all 3 subjects to progress into the next semester.


but I won't be too complacent.....

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

1st attempt

My 1st attempt at making cupcakes.
Thanks to YF who taught me and the usage of her house to bake them, as I dun have an oven of my own.

( and none of these are for me, cos they are to be given to colleagues as Xmas presents. )

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

“红”运当头 27th Birthday

Lessons for the semester officially ended 2 weeks ago. Am now on a study break to prepare for exam.

It would be unlike of me to record abt my birthday gathering right?So here I am attempting to write "bit by bit". Or rather , it's the upload of photos in different stages.

Frankly speaking, for the first time , I did not really plan much for the gathering. Invitations were sent out late. (Having to juggle with studies, I was also not in the mood to come up with fanciful invitations). And I dun even bother to chase for attendance. All I did was to bank on the strong theme --- RED.

Venue was at :

a RED Ktv room,
which is under this Scarlet City,
which is located at ANG Mo Kio,

Red, Scarlet, Ang... 不红也难。

The birthday package coes with drinks, snacks and birthday cake. Save me the hassle of having to source for caterer or cake. I also do not have time to plan or get someone to plan for any games, so I just let my friends entertain themselves by allowing them to have a chance to show their singing prowess or listen to others singing.

The only "extra" thing I have done was to source for red flowers (for gals) and red cloth (for guys), cos I just want to match the lame tagline --"红"运当头, 发发发!

So here I present you the 1st collage for this gathering (credits to fen, big cow & xinyao for taking the pics):

Yeah, very red hor.

(to be continued)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

birthday again?




Yes, cos I celebrated my lunar birthday today. Such a conincident that for this year, the two birthdays are so close to each other.

So fun.. i enjoyed saying to my friends that they were not late when they wished me a belated bday today.

Reports and Pics of the "Let's Paint the Town Red" gathering will be up at a later date. I need to tackle another test this Sat.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


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Sunday, August 03, 2008

what have I been busy with

Well, this is the longest time I have ever left my blog stagnant-- more than 1.5 months.

What have I been busy with?

Mainly, it 's because my part-time degree course has started. I really need some time to adjust. Initially i thought it would be a 5 month course , like the usual semester I had in Poly. but it turn out that all the lessons were cramped in 12 weeks.

3 modules in 12 weeks = Monday, Wed, Fri evenings "burned up" + other days of the week study, revision and doing research for assignments.

My course mates and I commented that this is just like a full time course cramped into a part-time basis. I even realised that all these can be summarised as follows:

1 semester
2 class tests
3 exam papers
4 projects

(I can only be glad that the list did not go up to "10").

Had been sleeping late that it kind of affect my work in a way. Not that I fell asleep at work, just that i am not as sharp as I used to be. And my boss even used the word "horrified" on me. That make me upset for a few days. Just because I seldom made errors for the past year doesn't mean that I will never make errors right? At times i wondered was it because he was not happy with the number of MC I have taken last month.

Yeah, within a month, I was sent to the hospital twice for acute pain. Pain was so bad that I was given jabs of painkillers instead. 3 in total -- one of left arm, one on right arm and another (oh it was a muscle relaxant for my intestines) one on the buttock. Was made to drink this too:

Well it looks like detergent right? Even my colleagues who helped me to buy the medication said so. And while drinking the medicine, I even joked that I was going commit suicide by drinking "detergent".

And recently, I had to spent a precious Sunday to bring my bro to Ikea to choose his study cable and cabinet ( yeah I paid for them). Instead of a study table that comes with its desk, bro chose a plain study table and a separate pedestal. The pedestal, at $99, cos more than the study table! guess my bro like it becos of the blind cover. I was hesitant abt buying it cos it seems too complicate to assemble. Yet my bro was confident he can do it.

Whatever ! cos when we reach home, he din even have the strength to drill the screws of the table legs. Blame it for the lack of electronic drill. Have to beg Dad for help.
And Dad only helped to screw the legs of the desk for ask, leaving us to assemble the pedestal. After a few hours, we manged to put everything up.

Well, i also need to pamper myself too. i bought myself a new mp3 player . Mainly becos I need to record lectures in mp3 format. My old mp3 player 's Start/Stop button cannot be used and even though I can still revive it by using the power cable, I was unable to record any files without activating the function by the Start/Stop button. As for the band of Mp3 player I brought, well it's still Creative

But it's Creative Zen X-Fi!

it is not only a mp3 player. You can also watch videos, view pictures on it. Since there is a option on expanded memory by SD-card, I settled for the basic 8Gb model. I dun see the point paying $100+ more for a 16 Gb model with wi-fi function for wireless music streaming & messenger function.

That's all for now, gotta work on my invites for the Aug gathering and my assignment!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

2 weddings

Belated post, I know :P

Guess beside my birthday gathering, the only other events to meet up with lots of friends at once should be at weddings.

Had attended 2 wedding in the past month. Was waiting for the photos from them, but since they have not uppload the photos yet, I shall proceed to used mines.

Nicco's wedding at Ritz Carlton, 24 May 2008.

Nicco and Jerald's wedding ( or solemnisation) was what I would classify as a "modernised" wedding where the ROM and the wedding lunch reception all held on the same day. Lots of friends were commenting that given a choice, they would rather not have the usual wedding ceremony that last from morning till nite.

Even though Nicco always tell me that hers was a simple ceremony, but I think it is "简单但不失典雅”. The reception table was done up prettily, with her "sisters" uniformly dressed in white . As for the food, I think we were all excited to try out the wide range of desserts. We had fun blowing bubbles at the couple as they walked down the aisle.

Pics taken during the ceremony:

My 1st round of food.

2nd round-- desserts

I had taken a biteful, then decided to take a pic of the "Ritz Calton chocolate"

Can "da pao" them back ? ;P

The couple

Nicco, the bride.

Yeah my hair seems really red.

One week later, my hair was due for treatment and I was spotting a darker shade of red hair at Miaona's wedding.

Miaona's wedding at Grand Corpthone Waterfront, 1 June 2008

Of so many weddings I have been too, this is quite surprising to me that this was the first time I ever come across the wedding couple, their maid of honour and best man giving a speech. (A friend told me that should be expected in a proper ceremony).

Forgotten who initiate it, but we managed to gather the TXYs present at her wedding to take a group photo.

Yeah, all are "老鹰", at least 14届, if I am not wrong.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Boss and his "Media Corp 7 Princesses" + a Channel 5 Artiste

2 Days ago, perhaps boss knew I dun have much work to do for this period, he asked me to redo an organisation chart which was pasted on the noticeboard.

End up, I have to do two versions for him.

One is the official org chart with all the team members' actual photos of themselves attached.

The other, is the "Unofficial org chart" or what we called is as the "搞笑,不正经" org chart which boss "specially" requested for.

This is the "unofficial org chart" (sensitive info such as names, and my boss face have been mosaic ed )

Boss initially thought that there are exactly 7 people under him, so he mentioned to replace our pics with 新传媒七公主 pics.

My colleague who was also ard, was whining loudly " 老板嫌弃我们。不想看到我们的脸!"

Then later he realised that need to include one more head count and 2 more positions (which he is going to hire). Then he just suggest to include "Andrea Fonseka" under him.

My colleague X , who was the "Andrea Fonseka" later gotta know abt this org chart and her reaction was "Hmm is it becos I very jia-kantang, so boss put me as Channel 5 artiste while u all are Channel 8 (artistes)".

When the org chart was done, we have a great laugh over it. Instead of replacing the younger exec pictures with the sexy Fiona Xie's pic , I purposely replace the older nurse manager pic instead. Haha. None of us wanna be associate with her, or rather her figure....

Btw, can u guess which pic represents me?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1.5 months to go, 1,5 yrs to "Pia"

Was rather panicked when i saw my ex colleague stated on her msn nick as "going to start lessons in July". I knew she has also enrol ledfor a part-time degree course in the same institution as mines and she told me she has received her application status in mid April.

It is almost mid May yet I still have not received mines..

So dropped an email to that institution and in the same afternoon, received a call from them.

The best part was this:

"Oh , you have been offered Pathway C-- the shortest option. This is based on your work experience and qualifications"


Being offered a place in Pathway C instead on Pathway B, means that not only I save half a year to complete my degree, I also save on paying the tuition fees for that semester.
That is about $4K of savings!!

Just nice. If everything goes well, i will complete my course in end 2009.

Now gotta make arrangement for bank loan lor.

The 1st lesson starts on 30 June which means I only have 1.5 months more to play.

After that , I guess I'd be really busy for the following 1.5 yrs...


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Feeling very down recently.

I am now sick again. Sick for weeks.
2 weeks ago , i seemed to have caught the cough bug (probably from the office as quite a few staff were heard coughing). See a doc, geiven taht "as-usual brown cough mixture".

After a week, still coughing. Seen the staff doc again and was given the same syrup and 3 days dosage of antibiotics .

In teh end, i think it was the mangoes and durains which I ate that cure the cough.

So, for that Fri , Sat and Sun, my spirits were up again as I had recovered and have gotten my voice back.

But then , towards the end of the day on Monday, I started having block noise.
Tue morning, to i was feeling better so went to work as usual, only to have my condition worsen. Developed a fever and my nose was so blocked at times that I seems to lose my sense of smell.

Wanted to go to the GP near my home but decided to give it a miss was I saw it was full of sick patients. Popped a few panadols and rest early.

This morning, fever seems to subsided and was feeling so tired after 2 hrs of work and my throat started to feel pain. Whenever my throat is sore, i knew i gotten another viral infection. So told boss I prefer to go and see the doc near my home and was released from work. Boss is also not feeling well and was intending to leave office early today.

Well, the doc from the clinic diagnosed that I have caught another new virus , different from the fever which i have recovered from.

That means I have contracted 3 diff type of viruses over 3 weeks!!!

Damn , when did my body's immunity become so weak.

Anyway , was given another type of antibiotics to be consume for these 5 days. Just hope that I can recover and dun rely on antibiotics too much...

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

With Love from Taiwan an other updates

Have neglected this blog for quite some time. Not becos there aren't any thing happening in my vice, but the opposite. For the past few weeks, have been out meeting friends(diff groups)for dinner at least 3 out of the five weekdays.
My appointments for the few weeks include:

Really can't that there would be a turn of events in just a few days. On one day, my good pal was announcing the good news regarding her pregnancy, and a few days later over dinner we were talking abt the we can play with the baby when we visit our pal during next CNY , commenting abt how she is the 1st among us to get married 2 yrs ago and now being the 1st to get pregnant. We were all excited and looking forward to play with the baby which she is expected to deliver in Nov.

And a few days later, received a shocking sms from my pal while i was at work.

She just had a miscarriage....

Even as a friend, i could feel a sense of lost too.

Went to checked with my colleagues and they mentioned that the rate of baby being miscarriage during the 1st semester is 30%.

Shocked again. Din know the % is so high.

"It's common." my colleague said coolly.

Had visited her a few days later. So far she seems to be coping well. Just hope she is really coping well emotionally and physically.

On a lighter note, wanna share abt the interesting things I have received from my friends in Taiwan . Some were given a few months ago... :P

These were received abt 2 months ago:

A handmade beaded purse (so pretty) and some sweets from my fav candy shop in Taiwan. Think i had clicked something on photoshop which led to the purple package turned orange and the red box become a purple one.

Too leh-chey to redo it. hahaha.

Anyway, what really make me smiled was this.

Sam 李圣杰 latest album: So Fun 收放自如. Not only it was autographed, and he even signed my name. (click on the pic to enlarge but i have mosaic~ed my name for privacy sake).

I was telling my Taiwanese friend that I dun believed her when she told me that he remembered how to write my name without any prompt from her.

"你一定是把我名字写在纸上给他看的。”I said.

She denied and insist that he really did remember and joked abt my name .

Well, it was only recently, something happened and I saw it with my own eyes and then I have to sheepishly tell my friend that I believed what she said. (Dun wish to reveal it here but for friend who interested to know, just feel free to ask me ).

And recently I received more sweets and interesting stuff from my Fav candy store from JQ as an exchange for the ba-ku-teh spice packs which I had sent her.

"Just grab anything purple will do". that was what I said to her when she asked what would I like from the shop.

and she really grabbed a lot of purple stuff.

Was taken aback when she mms-ed me this pic on the stuff she was going to send to me.

I din expect her to get so many candies.

The package arrived 4 days later and indeed , the purple stuff includes: (click on pic to for enlarged view)

A bag of assorted candies and chocolates

Now, below is one "shit lollipop". In purple!

So this is what we call "jia sai". Hahaha.

And more purple stuff:

The last chocolate design is rather cheeky, but it's a fav among my colleagues. A colleague even asked to bring one home to show her husband.

One new item that JQ sent was this "幸福囊”。

Inside this packet, was a red candy with "love" wordings. Well, on the packet, as u can see from the pic , states "恋爱运成". Wonder what makes JQ decided to get that for me. Hahaha.

Well, thanks for yr blessing. :P

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Think i was so tired my this morning's events that I simply forgot to watch my mouth.

late in the afternoon, my boss walked over to my desk, asking me if i am free to go down to the canteen (just downstairs) to help him get a pack of milo. Normally when he asked me to do that, i would also ask my fellow colleagues if they would like to have a drink too, "顺便嘛!”. I dun mind running down to the canteen , as I see it as a break to get away from staring at the computer screen.

So , it just happened that I was asking Colleague A if she want anything and at the same time my boss was talking to colleague B (they were right btw me and Colleague A).

Colleague A jokingly asked :


and i just went without thinking :
"他哪里会请!" (right in front of boss)


I could see Colleague A gasped, her eyes quickly dart at our dear boss standing right in front of me but she quickly recover and said "ouch ouch!" (trying to make it that I was joking ‘酸’at our boss)

Yet i was laughing my head off at my silly mistake and trying to dig a hole to hide from my boss at the same time. I could not take it and end up laughing til i squatted down next to a table, almost gasping for breathe.

and Boss reaction was .....


Well, boss was smiling when he said that, so i took it that I was lucky that boss didn't take this into heart. (I hope)

I do not mean that my boss is so stingy that he never treat us any meals. Boss did treat us to a year end get-together dinner late last year, but we all know he is not the type who will treat us coffee and tea regularly.

There was no malice intended when I made that comment, it is just a casual remark but I had simply forgotten that he was right in front of me and the words just slipped out without thinking .

A lesson learnt indeed.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

cheem cheem song--青花瓷

2 days ago, my younger bro printed out a copy of a song lyrics and asked me on the pronounciations of some (in fact, a lot) chinese words, and I was stumped.

not that i only get to hear 周杰伦's 青花瓷 a few days ago. In fact i had recommended this song to my gor abt a month ago and remembered he ever coment that the lyrics are like poetry ( meaning: cheem).
Well, as I am not a fan of Jay's, i din pay much attention to the lyrics then, though I often listen to this song on my bus ride to work.

Have to say, i really can't make out exactly what he was singing until i saw the lyrics.

The last time i spent quite some time checking out those chinese phrases from a song's lyrics was eons ago , when i was interested in xinyaos. Yah the lyrics of those "cheem cheem" song then were written by Liang Wenfu.

Anyway, with the help on a google search on "青花瓷 hanyu pinyin" (which there are still a lot of words not translated) and my old torn chinese dictionary, I managed to give my bro a completed and accurate (i hope so) hanyu in yin translation of the lyrics.

Sharing them with you guys. Hmm , let's see how many words stumped you. Haha.

青花瓷 -- 周杰伦
词:方文山 曲:周杰伦

Verse 1:
sù pēi gōu lè chū qīng huā bǐ fēng nóng zhuǎn dàn
píng shēn miáo huì de mǔ dān yī rú nǐ chū zhuāng
rǎn rǎn tán xiāng tòu guò chuāng xīn shì wǒ liǎo rán
宣纸上 走笔至此搁一半
xuān zhǐ shàng zǒu bǐ zhì cǐ gē yī bàn
yòu sè xuàn rǎn shì nǚ tú yùn wèi bèi sī cáng
ér nǐ yān rán de yī xiào rú hán bāo dài fàng
你的美一缕飘散  去到我去不了的地方
nǐ de měi yī lǚ piāo sàn qù dào wǒ qù bù le liǎo dì fāng

天青色等烟雨  而我在等你 
tiān qīng sè děng yān yǔ ér wǒ zài děng nǐ
炊烟袅袅升起  隔江千万里
chuī yān niǎo niǎo shēng qǐ gé jiāng qiān wàn lǐ
在瓶底书汉隶仿前朝的飘逸  就当我为遇见你伏笔
zài píng dǐ shū hàn lì fǎng qián cháo de piāo yì jiù dāng wǒ wéi yù jiàn nǐ fú bǐ

天青色等烟雨  而我在等你 
tiān qīng sè děng yān yǔ ér wǒ zài děng nǐ
月色被打捞起  晕开了结局
yuè sè bèi dǎ lāo qǐ yūn kāi le jié jú
如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽  你眼带笑意
rú chuán shì de qīng huā cí zì gù zì měi lì nǐ yǎn dài xiào yì

Verse 2:
sè bái huā qīng de jǐn lǐ yuè rán yú wǎn dǐ 
lín mó sòng tǐ luò kuǎn shí què diàn jì zhe nǐ
nǐ yǐn cáng zài yáo shāo lǐ qiān nián de mì mì
极细腻 犹如绣花针落地
jí xì nì yóu rú xiù huā zhēn luò dì
帘外芭蕉惹骤雨 门环惹铜绿
lián wai bā jiāo rě zhòu yǔ mén huán rě tóng lǜ
ér wǒ lù guò nà jiāng nán xiǎo zhèn rě le nǐ
在泼墨山水画里  你从墨色深处被隐去
zài pō mò shān shuǐ huà lǐ nǐ cóng mò sè shēn chǔ bèi yǐn qù

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Friday, March 07, 2008

blog have been left stagnant.
Have been busy helping out at an International Advisory Panel meeting for the past few days at work. Ya that's what the "IAP" in my msn nick stands for.

so tired now. will be updating soon

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Dinner at Food Addict

After reading abt the review of Food Addict Cafe from Sparklette's blog, i was so eager to give it a try since it is near to my hometown.
Hence on last sat, arranged to meet up with "Fannie" over dinner there.

The cafe sure look quite out of place between a fashion clothing shop & a florist shop. The searting capacity is also small,abt 7 tables (3 extend ouside the shop). That was why I had asked Fannie to meet up earlier, at 6pm. And true enuff, teh crowd start cmomin in as we have our meal.

Yup, the food was good. Really delicious. But not the drinks....
I wondered why "Sparklette" did not mention abt any drink in her blog. Perhaps that's the reason why...
But cant't blame the chef. As the drinks were prepared by the waiter and waitresses

I ordered an ice mocha (which i find it rather diluted) and the glass behind was Fannie's Green Apple Soda .

I ordered the recommended Hot Chicken (pic on the left). Yeah, for those who know i dun eat spicy stuff, dun be surprised. It was not hot (spicy) at all. "Hot" is becos it is popular.
Love the chuncky , "crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside" potato wedges. Even fannie who was full after having her pasta, could not resist taking a few pieces from my plate.
As for the chicken piece, it is marinated with some honey sauce. Normally for chicken chop or barbeque or fried chicken, I would at most, only ate a litle portion of the chicken skin, but for this dish, I ate more than half of it.

Fannied ordered a seafood pasta (shown on the right). I prefer creamy based pasta but from the few bite I had taken off from her plate, I have no complains abt it. Fannie also said it's quite nice.

Food served here are similar to NYDC style (heard the chef has worked at NYDC for 15 years) but the prices are dedinately much cheaper. and best of all, there is no service charge or GST . All NETT Price as stated on the menus.

We were quite full after our main course, but earlier on, I had ordered a Berry Berry Mudpie as dessert. Wanted to try the TCM (not Traditional Chinese Medicine but Total Chocolate Mocha) mudpie but was told that it is out of stock. So despite our stomach being filled , we still attacked the $4 Bery Bery mudpie.

Would definately want to visit it someday with friends cos I wanted to try out other dishes and their cheese cakes. Haha anyone interested?

On an additional note, the service is not bad, for the waitress and waiter had taken initiative to pull an extra chairs for our bags and asked us if we need extra plates when the main courses were served.

Now for the location of this gem in the heartland:
Food Addict Café is located at 185 Toa Payoh Central #01-324 , Singapore 310185
Tel: 6259 4218

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Monday, February 11, 2008


Yah i know i have been neglecting my blog.

have my own personal reasons for not writing . Had been dealing with a load of shit that was finally settled yesterday.


those who care would surely know the story now....

anyway, now gg to do a quick summary of what I had actually intended to post BEFORE the chinese new year (the rest , i'll slowly "pay back in installments").


all are related to FOOD!

That day, boss was supposed to be on leave and yet he came back to deliver some stuff to my colleague, and he called me to also get some stuff from him. So walked all the way 3 blocks down to the passenger drop off point and he passed me a tray (for his office use) and a box of ineapple tarts which he fotten from Malacca.

"This one is for u" he said.

Boss know I tend to share whatver food I have , like that day he just passed me a box of chocolates and know that I will let my colleagues to “干掉” them. And co-incidentally, just that same morning, I had brought a box of pineapple tarts to office . So I presume when he said "for me" is referring to for us to share.

And Within the next 20 mins, I was like forcing my colleagues to eat them.

Then came a call for boss, saying that that box of tarts is for me only and not to share with others.

alamak.. too late...
but to him i mumbled "orh orh" and thinking that if it is for me, i can do whatever I want mah. hahha

Think boss think he might have ill-treated me cos I'd lost weight. Boss have this tendency of making sure the staff under him eat more after they lose weight. My colleague was nagged by him to eat more at the steamboat dinner he treated us last year. And i was nagged by him to bring home the tarts and quickly finish them, cos they are hand made.

Think my family like them. In less than 2 days, the pineapple tarts were all finished. even my sis whom i seldom see her eating pineapple tarts can tell me they are nice.

so these are the tarts. Lots of fillings right?

2) Finally, after hearing abt the famous braddell coffee shop that sells chicken riceballs which have been reviewed by the press for quite a number of times over the years. I finally get chance to try them. Went to the coffeeshop for lunch with some TXY alumni friends after our meeting on Sunday . 3 Feb.

All along, I have been rather guilty to say that as a 100% Hainanese, i have never eaten Hainaneses chicken rice balls before (well, not counting the times where my grandma used to make rice balls by compressing two ups together. Haha

3)Been to this MoguMogu Japanese fastfood restuarant twice within 10 days,after seeing cute pics of the food published on newspaper.

Yes this is food. Pork cutlet with rice.

So Kawaiiiiii!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


曾经有朋友问我 “When was the last time you heard a song that makes you cry?"
虽然我很欣赏李圣杰,被他的许多歌曲的演绎而感动(例如:“痴心绝对”,“手放开”,"眼底星空" ), 但我从来没有初次听他的歌而掉下几滴泪。

直到前几天,在房后回家的途中,听着他的最新专辑(So Fun -收放自如)的最后一首歌--“靠近”。



今早,朋友提起这首歌。她也认同,单看歌词, 就已被感动。

以下就是 “靠近”的 歌词。


-- 李聖傑 

走在人擠人的走道 我問了自己
沒有愛情的人 是否會長命
但是我 不相信

坐在沒有人的角落 我也問自己
沒有人能瞭解我 現在的心情
想看你想躲你 難以決定

每當我想靠近 你總會裝冷靜
眼看你的表情 彷彿已經說明
我只想要證明 我們這段愛情
也許在你眼裡 它只是個遊戲

我只想要靠近 也很想要抱緊
回想到那過去 和現在新的你
我還想要參與 你的生活點滴
只要你肯相信 我一定會陪你走下去

坐在沒有人的角落 我也問自己
沒有人能瞭解我 現在的心情
想看你想躲你 難以決定

每當我想靠近 你總會裝冷靜眼
看你的表情 彷彿已經說明
我只想要證明 我們這段愛情
也許在你眼裡 它只是個遊戲

我只想要靠近 也很想要抱緊
回想到那過去 和現在新的你
我還想要參與 你的生活點滴
只要你肯相信 我一定會陪你走下去


每當我想靠近 你總會裝冷靜
眼看你的表情 彷彿已經說明
我只想要證明 我們這段愛情
也許在你眼裡 它只是個遊戲

我只想要靠近 也很想要抱緊

回想到那過去 和現在新的你
我還想要參與 你的生活點滴
只要你肯相信 我一定會陪你走下去

只要你再相信 我們會緊緊地靠在一起

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Friday, January 18, 2008

学友光年世界巡回演唱会 (The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour Concert) and MC=4D

Belated post again, as I need time to upload the videos. (yes I manage to record them at the concert.

5 Jan 2008

After missing his concert last July, in late Nov last year, when it was announced that his encore concert in Jan 08 又再加多一场, decided it's better to spend a bit of money rather than having any regrets later. Bought the $128 category tickets instead as the $88 category was sold out even though we bought it on the 2nd day after news was released.

The indoor stadium was almost completely filled up , much more than the ZPop Concert (featuring Jolin, Fish, Jeff, Harlem) and the ABC Concert (featuring May Day) I went to in the previous year.

I was joking to E. that everyone came to 朝拜歌神。 (the scene of the 木瓜姐妹 begging 仙姑 in the movie 《881》came to my mind.

(Think of 仙姑 saying :

"你能做到吗? 你能做到吗?” )

But Jacky Cheung did say something similar to that. After starting off with two fast tracks and dancing, he talked o the audience, was mentioning that ppl were asking :

" 一把年纪了,又要唱,又要跳,你行吗?"

Some of my fellow colleagues raised eyebrows when they heard from a colleague (who attend his concert the next day) that Jacky Cheung danced a lot. In their mind, 歌神只会唱歌,不会跳舞。 Alamak, they never seen his concerts DVDs before.

Just happened that I was testing out the recording function of my digicam, and manage to capture a short clip of him dancing.

Thou I am not very familiar with his Cantonese songs, I know the above song is 《头发乱了》, where at the final chorus, the key is like one octave higher.

Not going to rave abt the concert but I truely enjoy it becos:

  1. It is worth the money.The concert start at 8.30pm and lasted till 11.40pm.

  2. Love the lighting, cos almost 50% of the time, its PURPLE

  3. Amazing showmanship . Even when dances, he was still pitch perfect

  4. the presentation of the segments -- including one rather "emo segmen" where he sang the songs meant for his daughters , wife and friend. And there is a 30min musical segment.
  5. he sang lots of his classic songs which we all can hum along --- 吻别,心如刀割,一千个伤心的理由,祝福,我等到花儿也谢了,妳的名字我的姓氏 and my fav cantonese song: 只想一生跟你走

Trying to keep my hand steady which watching the big screen and stage. hahaha.


Referring to my last post where I was saying being sick might not be a bad thing after all was becos I won $20 from buying MC number.

Actually, it was a friend who was sick a few days earlier and bought 4D on his MC number as he seldom get sick that gave me the inspiration .

This is the 1st time I am taking MC since I join the company last June...

I was looking at the number on my MC : 1624. Though it doesn't sound very auspicious, sound like 一路饿死, i just dunno why I have this feeling that this number might open , compare to another number I saw on the slip. Ias I am buying 4D jus to try my luck, I bought $1 bet on i-bet for Sat and Sun each. So just by paying $2, i am betting on 24 different combi. Nvm that the payout was much lower cos I am just trying out my luck.

Imagine my surprise when i saw the 3rd prize number for the following sat was:

becos I bought i-bet, I still can get $20 even though the numbers are diffferent in sequence.

Early in the year won $ twice (actually won another $6 a week earlier) really seems like 鸿运当头。

Must be my fluff saying "Huat arh" that bring me the luck. hahaha

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Xmas Decor 2007

Had fallen ill recently, but I guess I should not use this as my excuse for not blogging.

Getting sick at the start of 2008 may seems but, not something just happened which makes it seems not bad after all.
Will elaborate in future post cos right now i need to post the pics taken of last yr Xmas decor.
(need to clear any "blog debts" before the CNY. hahaha)

Just a quick update though.

After seeing the horrendous "golden money tree Xmas decor" of 2006, I am so glad that 2007 's Xmas decor is much better. I like the theme -- all the toy tin soldiers and ballerina dolls reminds me of my childhood.

One thing that I dun like was Takashimaya's ( or rather, Ngee Ann City) decor. It looked so familiar........
I have pics to prove:

But the big pillars of Poinsettia at the ground level made up for it. Taking pics with it as the backdrop looked so pretty!

Like Takashimaya, Paragon also have its tradition Xmas tree just in front of the building, but the decor is different every year. Who would have out of a "pearl-y" Xmas tree!

Just one more pic.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Xmas feasting

It's 2008!!

Finally I am writing a post after MIA for days. But have to report on what happened during the last few days of 2007. I know I orh-tang a lot....

Due to the time constrain, i shall just keep it short.

Could simpy dun log abt it but I insist on posting here for my future reference sake.

Basically the last 2 weeks were spending meeting up with friends and of cos feasting...
It's unlike to meet friends over a cup of kopi-o at the neighbourhood kopitiam. With all the good food, guess I had put back some weight.

Let me recall:

19 Dec :
Took a day off. Went to my former workplace at changi south. Supposed to meet the admin team for lunch but seems they are having their admin party, they asked me to join in. Not wanting to seen as gatecrashng, i brought 2 boxes of Beard Papa Puffs ( knowing it was not easy for them to get this type of snack nearby their office).

Then went to touch up my highlights (on my hair). Red red streaks. Hahaha. Match the Xmas mood (think red Santa) and guess can pull it off for the new Chinese New Year. New year is approaching too, so can say I want to 鸿运当头。

Dropped by at Nana's shop ( to get some more xmas gifts. She commented my hair as red as Sammi . Hmm I was starting to worry if my highlights are too striking and my parents will freak out when they saw my hair...

In the evening, met up with the SPH gang for dinner at 天外天。We not only ordered the famous Fish head steamboat, but also order other zhi-char dishes such as prawn paste chicken, fu-rong egg, prawn and beancurd, and veggie. Yummy yummy.

20 Dec

as shown in the pic above, met up with 王太and 金城太 at Bishan. We wanna avoid the Orchard crowd as it's a public holiday.
checked out the Junction 8's Wan Chai HongKong TeaRoom. Even though I have my lunch, i could not resist ordering the honeydew sage with ice cream when I had already ordered a cup of tea and a sering of fried dumplings.

One thing I found out, my new digicam take pics of food quite well. The food looked appetising on the screen.

later went to AMK Hub to get another new toy for myself. As mentioned in the previous post, wanted to get Nokia 6110 navigator but ended up getting a 6500 Slide cos of the Hot Deals Promotion.

21 Dec

Back to work at office. It's rather quiet in the office as many of the colleagues took leave to enjoy a long weekend. For those who are around, many are in a holiday mood. In the evening, met up with KTV khakis for gift exchange over a round of drinks and KTV at a pub in Serangoon gardens. As we left the place rather early,(b4 midnite), VGF suggested we the whole group of 4 to check out the Upper Seletar reservoir where the carpark are full of cars with newspapers or cardboard pasted around the windows. We also climbed up the tower to check out the view from there, while climbing the stairs, we kinda worry what will happen if we happened to bump into some couples who were making use of the ahem.. place... there. To our relief (or some, a disappointment), we were the only ones who climbed up the tower that nite. A bit boh liao , I have to admit....

Had supper with them before went home. Roti prata = more carbohs...

22 Dec

Dinner at Vil'age with the TXY gang ( a grp of 10) before fannie and I proceed to take picture of the Xmas deco at Orchard Rd. Not going to list down what I ate and "koped" from others.

Pics of the deco will be post on another day. Quite pleased with my new toy (camera). Hahah

28 Dec

Went to attend a basic digital photography photoshop course with my colleague. In the evening, we proceed to the Zui Fairprice Steamboat Restaurant at upper thomson road to meet other colleagues for dinner. Boss was giving us (those who worked under him) our dinner treat there. Thinking that the serving would be quite little, we ordered quite a lot of food (since it's buffet anyway). turned out we have plates of meat, meatballs, veggies to clear. Boss even ordered an extra dish of slated chicken. We were also given a plate of live prawns. I was the one who "murdered" the live prawns by catching hold of them from their feelers and throw them into the boiling soup. What to do, the rest of the gals dun dare to touch them.

Even though all of us were full, some colleagues wanted to have a up of ice-cream at Eskimo nearby. Couldn't find a seat for 7 people there and we just walked around and decided to check out this white and red themed cafe instead. For those interested, can check out this url of a review of the cafe which I just found online . Craving Thoughts Cafe ( .

Drinks were on boss again! Suggested taking a group photo since it is rare chance that we can get together after work. Then one colleague added that we should all be standing behind the boss. (as it happen that currently , all the staff under him were all gals, boss often likes to joke that 我们是他的女人. And another colleague added that the two Sisters (who are higher in rank) should be sitting beside him instead. And surprisingly, everyone was so 'on". Quickly sprang into action and gotten the waiter to help to take a pic.

The funny thing was, after we took our pic. The customers at the neighbouring tables start to take their group photos too.

Above pics are some of the drinks we had ordered. As you can see, I really like to to take pics of food with my new toy. :P

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Friday, December 21, 2007

I've done something which is not my usual style again.

After aiming to get the Nokia Navgigator 6110 for weeks and have been telling my close friends for the past few days that I will upgrade my hp to that model this few days, and set to get my hands on this model yesterday (it's mid nite now), I changed my mind again at the counter!!!

Got a Nokia 6500 slider phone instead

Anyway will talk more abt it next time. Now busy trying to find back the contact numbers of my friends. As the shop was abt to close when it was my turn to be served, (spent hours waiting at teh Hello! Singtel shop), the salesperson was in a rush and did not transfer the contacts of my old SIM card to the New 3G SIM card. Now my old SIM card is de-activated and I can't get back the contacts stored .

So now I have to request my dear friends if your happen to read this, please sms me yr name and contact number. My HP number is still the same.

Thanks a lot ya.

and u know what. I just saw my horoscope for yesterday (20 Dec) in my email mailbox and guessed what it read:

Your Horoscope for DECEMBER 20, 2007
Today is likely to bring communication problems, XIANGXUAN. Perhaps a colleague is in a bad mood, and not very receptive to anything you might have to say. Or perhaps the phones are out or the computers are down. This could prove frustrating.

Really have communication probs .. damn kan-cheong to get back my contacts...

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My new toy

Got my bonus yesterday. Woohoo!!!

Actually not that much lah, cos I only join my current organisation in June. So practically I received half of what I received last year. But still feeling happy.

Done some Xmas shopping and bought a new gadget -- a digicam. Yeah my 3 yr old digicam really CMI liao.

I surprised myself in the end, as initially, I had decided to get Canon Powershot A640 with rotational lens. (so used to this feature which was found in my old kyocera camera). had done some homework on it. Upon reaching Sim Lim Square with a friend ( need a guy ard when shopping at Sim Lim), found that the model is is discontinued (blame it on outdated forum thread.. the camera model only released last year leh) and the similar latest mode is Canon PowerShot A650 .

(pic from

Wanted to get this cos it has the rotational lens function. And this model is 12 megapix!! But my friend said that it is so bulky, not suitable for me. and I wun be fully utilising its advance feature cos i dunno much abt photography.

So he recommended this camera which is sleek and has a wide 3 inch screen . showed me all the fun things I can do with this model, where can add icons (stars) on the pic taken directly on the camera. The best part is that this camera cost $100 less then the Canon PowerShot A650. Though it is 8.1 megapix , it has face recognition, smile detection features and the best offer among the authorised dealer in Sim Lim Sq came in a package of TWO 2 Gb SD card ( each value at $65) and a carry case.

So at the last minute, I can see it is quite stupid to get the bulky Powershot just becos of a that rotational lens feature and i decided to change my mind.

Here I present my new toy:

Sony Cybershot DSC-T70 in rose pink.

Too lazy to describe abt its specs cos they can be viewed here: .

One thing I realised. The above pic of cos is taken with my old digicam. So the last pic (most prob) taken with the old digicam is a pic of the new digicam which it will be replaced by.... How ironic!

Have to say although I am not very into pink, but this camera is very "me" hor. :P

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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Can't believe within a week, I attended 2 wedding dinners and 2 dept xmas parties.

All these feasting really make me worried I will put on weight. Haha.

And next week, there will be more meet up and (naturally) dinner with friends.

Anyway, wanna showcase something here which i think my friends will groan :" Not again!!"

This is a gift which I received today..

Yah, a purple pouch. In the shade of purple that I like!! Thanks Sindra!

Gotta get back to work on my cards now. Time is running out....

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Monday, December 10, 2007


Happened to chat with my poly friend recently and told her that I feel that this bunch of poly friends which I hang out with are the rare ones whom still retain their innocence after being in the workforce for so many years. Never had I seem them raised their temper , fighting for power. They always have kind words for everyone. Even though others have misunderstood them as materialistic gals becos of the way they dress, I know they are actually very simple gals and others would not know that the partners (now their husbands) they have chosen (given their looks, they have no lack of suitors) have a lower educational level than them.

Told her i could not understand why some people like to get involve in power struggles, like to compete, like to compare. What's wrong with leading a simple life? To which, she replied something like:

Others can say us chun2 (纯)or chun3 (蠢). Leading a simpler life is much happier.


to be continued

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nothing much happening during the past week -- as in events.

Happened to touch on a topic related to flirting and how someone was like always trying to gain attention in the mid week and co-incidentally, met a super flirt the next day . And that person was our course instructor....

My colleague and I attended this Dreamweaver course at an external site on Thursday and Friday. The class consist of 6, with me and my colleague sitting on the left side and a young school buy, and 3 other ladies seated on the right.
Initially, tot the course instructor was trying to be friendly or lightened up the mood when he start introducing himself to us (on the left), with details abt his age, and self-proclaimed he looked like Jon Leong (which we dun think so), giving occasional winks.

Din bother to remembered the whole conversation but here's an extract

Instructor : " Yeah, I dun look like I am in my 30s right?" (flirty glance)
My colleague : " Except when u smile, the wrinkles will show."
Instructor : " It's in the smile." ( Wink) "Adds character , yeah?" (wink)

And then my colleague was typing a message on her hp and show it to me.
The message was :

He super flirty hor?

I almost burst out laughing loudly when just that moment, he turned to the ladies on the right, perhaps caught their looks ( I have to say, to put it diplomatically, they were just average looking) and said
" No, I'm not flirting with them."

Perhaps he didn't heard of this phrase called 不打自....

Though I am paying attention in class, I find it difficult to keep my eyes open wide as I began to develop sinus symptoms. And every time my eyes were half opened, he 'd have caught me off-guard and threatened to frightened me with a surprise evil laughter. And asked my colleague to give him the cue if I start to doze off.

Anyway, the treats were empty threats and it was beginning to be quite boring that my colleague eventually asked him to go ahead to show us his evil laughter just to stop all this nonsense.

The flirting continued throughout the day. Especially during the breaks. We noticed how he "casually" portray himself as a family man by saying he'd like to have kids and he recently ended a long relationship ( ppl seldom reveal that much on the 1st day of knowing someone) and then slowly came to the questions of asking our age and if we are single or attached.

I was laughing when i heard my colleague's bullshit reply that she is single but dating 3 people at the same time now. (obviously trying to scare him off). Have to say, as she is in the marketing line, she sure know how to talk and talk crap when dealing with such people. have to contain my smile when i heard her continue bullshiting abt how she gave equal standing to the 3 guys and how aware they are abt it. It sounds so convincing that the instructor asked me if I knew all these, which I played along by saying of course I knew that as we are close.

I have to admit I am not the type who would know how to 应酬 and tend to draw out my spears and amour when dealing with these type of people. Here are some of the "attacks" I have launched.

1) During our practice sessions, he came over and saw the colour scheme I had for my webpage and commented
" I noticed you are quite a pastel person."

Quite irritated by the way he purposely soften his tone and his glance, I shot back
" Oh, it's just that I don't like yellow." (referring to the yellow background he had chosen for his demo)

2) In the afternoon, I was still having a runny nose and the the gal seated at the right was also having such symptoms. And there he was like making a joke of how we two from the same Poly having the same symptoms and said that he have a jacket and we can borrowed from him if he want. Because he was looking in my direction at the end , I cut him off by saying:

" Nah, it's ok. I'll be alright once I get out of here"
He gave my colleague a look, which she added "Ouch!"

Taking cue, I turned to her and added " Yah, I was ok when we were out having lunch right."

That left him finding a way out by saying " Woah. She has a sharp tongue."

I dun care that seems rude but was rather relieve that i manage to fend him off as he tend to speak more to my colleague after that.

At the end of the day, my colleague was telling me that she was so tired cos she feel like catching some rest during our breaks but he came over to our side to chat. ( and I had to admit i let her do most of the talking since she's good at it).

The next day was much better, for me. With the exception that he tried to make me tell him where I am off too after class (cos was wearing a dress) , make fun of the animal print lining of my jacket, and saying he is trying to get back at the 4 "Ouches" I gave him the previous day ( Oh man, he even count them. So petty), he was occupied by questions from the other students most of the time. If he's free, he will continuing with his flirting with my colleague who will know how to deal with his questions.

When filling up the evaluation form, we joked that we should reflect that the instructor was too flirty to his students. But , fairly speaking, to give him some credits, we were really impressed by the designs he had created, and he is generous to teach us some tips on other applications (like photoshop) when we asked.


Nearly mid week of Dec, I am still working on my cards and gifts. How I wish I have more time after work or am able to work 24/7....

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blog have been left stagnant for a week...

Anyway, I finally completed the post on the wedding on 11.11.07.

Had watched two movies for the past two weeks -- Lust. Caution and Hero. I prefer the later.

Went for the post wedding celebration which was a round of steamboat dinner and KTV session which last till 4am in the morning. Our just-married friend was telling us how her colleagues were bewildered at the fact that we the sisters were bullied into the drinking. Never of them seen sisters being forced to drink my brothers before. Which my friend were having the same sentiments when i told them abt the incident. So we pointed out fingers at the "culprit" -- the bro who led that session and had our "revenge" by saying he should help to serve us if he is a gentleman. So for that session, he was basically the one in charge of adding the ingredients to the steamboat, cutting away the prawns 'heads, topping our drinks and soup.


Had went sourcing for Xmas cards and Xmas gifts. Had done up abt 10 cards so far and just completed 4 charm bracelets to be sent overseas.

Just hope that my "creative juice" keep flowing. It is getting more and more difficult to come up with different cards designs every year. I stick to my "no two cards are the same" rule.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007


多亏电台的宣传,最近很喜欢听 梁靜茹《崇拜》。
喜欢那句 “你揮霍了我的崇拜”。
认同梁靜茹 在访谈所说的:当你爱一个人时,会有一些崇拜的部分 。(or something phrased similiarly... cant recall her exact words)
也喜欢最后一段:所以明白 所以離開 所以不再為愛而愛 自己存在 在你之外


Full Lyrics as follows:


曲:彭學斌 詞:陳沒

你的姿態 你的青睞
你以為愛 就是被愛

我活了 我愛了 我都不管了
心愛到瘋了 恨到算了 就好了
可能的 可以的 真的可惜了
幸福好不容易 怎麼你卻不敢了呢

我還以為我們能 不同於別人
我還以為不可能的 不會不可能

你的姿態 你的青睞
你以為愛 就是被愛

我活了 我愛了 我都不管了
心愛到瘋了 恨到算了 就好了
可能的 可以的 真的可惜了
幸福好不容易 怎麼你卻不敢了呢

我還以為我們能 不同於別人
我還以為不可能的 不會不可能

你的姿態 你的青睞
你以為愛 就是被愛

風箏有風 海豚有海
存在所以明白 所以離開
自己存在 在你之外

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